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Kenora Chiefs Advisory is very excited to invite everyone to the first annual Sa’be Bush Crawl on September 24th, 2023, at the Youth and Family Wellness Camp!

The Sa’be Bush Crawl is a 5km obstacle course fundraiser for a Playground and Cultural trail. The day will include an opening ceremony, followed by a trail run. We will have musical entertainment, bouncy slides, an indigenous crafters market, food, a non-alcoholic beverage bar, face painting, painted spirit horses and many other activities.

The playground will be in honour of the children that attended residential schools, for the ones who survived and the ones that never made it home. They were children who were forcibly taken from their homes under the authority of the Canadian Government and never returned.

They belonged to a family, a community, and a Nation. They deserved a playground. This playground and cultural trail will provide them and all children a place to be free. The trail will also be used to teach about Anishinaabe culture and be a place for all to connect with nature.

A little cultural background on Sa’be – One of the seven grandfather teachings is Honesty, represented by the Sa’be. The Sa’be is a spirit/protector who is a symbol of honesty.

The Sa’be represents honesty because it is believed that the Sa’be used to walk among humans to remind us to remain true to our nature. The Sa’be keeps us aware of being ourselves, and not someone we are not.

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