The Ma’mo’weh Wii’soo’ka’tiwin Foundation was established to support the work of the Kenora Chiefs Advisory, an alliance of nine independent First Nations within the Western Region of Treaty 3 Territory. The Ma’mo’weh Wii’soo’ka’tiwin Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for new projects and programs that will meet a wide range of needs with innovative solutions.

You Can Make A Difference!

Your gift to the Ma’mo’weh Wii’soo’ka’tiwin Foundation will help community programs, grow capacity and help many lives. A donation today can bring comfort to families throughout the region and among our Affiliated First Nations.

Why Your Donations Matter!

90% of KCA’s annual budget comes from the provincial and federal governments. Our budgets from those levels of government have increased since we started, which speaks to their confidence in our foundation, however we still don’t have enough budget to cover the costs of all the programs we are trying to offer. While we are proud of those relationships and grateful for the support, we also understand that government resources are neither limitless nor guaranteed. Which is where private donations come in to fill the gap in funding for these necessary programs.

Little of what we receive is core funding. As a result, we must re-apply every year or two for all programs, no matter how evidence-based or effective the programs appear to be. This also means there are no guarantees that the funding will always last.

For example in 2015, a 14-year old girl from Asubpeechoseewagong who was in crisis, ran out of the hospital and into the bush, where she later died. Soon after, KCA began sending mental health workers to the hospital at night to provide after-hours assessments and support to youth in crisis. The Ministry of Children, Community & Social Services provided a budget to pilot the service, but the funding ended after a year even though there was an obvious need for this type of program in our community.

Join us as we continue to build our experience, reputation and programming!

Ways To Give