Mental Health & Addiction Programs

Adult Case Management

Program Objectives:

  • Case management & direct counselling to clients and their families
  • Education on substance abuse & mental health issues
  • Support and advocacy for the client
  • Linking client with appropriate professional and service agency

Bail Residency – Mental Wellness Program

Program Objectives:

  • Seeks to provide holistic mental health and addictions services to residents of the Bail Residency Program and other KCA community members
  • Services include traditional and group counselling, psychoeducation and traditional cultural activities
  • Seeks to address effects of intergenerational trauma that manifests from conflict with law, addictions and mental health concerns

Social & Cultural Wellness Project

Program Objectives:

  • Provide direct culturally appropriate group and one on one training to inmates
  • Create a foundation based on Culture, Traditional Teachings and Language
  • Deliver bi cultural education on Mental Health and Wellness
  • Train life stabilization skills with the goal of successful reintegration into community
  • Build on the strengths of individuals and be responsive to needs
  • Emphasize development of greater self awareness and personal efficacy
  • Focus upon enhancement of resiliency
  • Engage in and provide outreach and aftercare services

Short-Term Crisis Counseling

Program Objectives:

  • Deliver culturally safe, trauma informed clinical crisis intervention
  • Focused counselling and debriefing for individual, family, groups
  • Stabilize identified crisis situations
  • Referrals – can be self, family, community leader, first responder, community agency/service provider, community member, third party

Mobile Youth Crisis & Outreach

Program Objectives: In partnership with the Kenora Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police and Treaty Three Police Service, KCA’s Youth Mobile Crisis Workers provide crisis intervention support and outreach for youth (ages 12-24 years) in the City of Kenora and surrounding First Nation communities.

Child & Youth Case Management

Program Objectives:

  • Case Management Model for children & youth (ages 0-18 years)
    • Direct counselling to clients and families
    • Education on Mental Health and Substance abuse concerns
    • Support and advocacy for the client
    • Linking client to specialized services ie. Psychiatric assessment
    • Linking clients and families to cultural and spiritual supports
  • Community Collaboration – our goal is to engage in partnership with community service providers to assist, support and empower children, families and the community

Youth in Transition Program

Program Objectives:

  • Support Indigenous youth in transitioning from child welfare system into adulthood
  • Assess and determine needs of the youth
  • Assist in developing goals they would like to achieve
  • Identify, assess and navigate adult services such as: Health and Mental Health services, Life skills training/housing, Employment Services and training, and Education

Kenora Youth Wellness Hub

The Youth Wellness Hub (YWH) is a multi-year funded project through the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, in which KCA is the Lead Agency, amongst a network of partners representing an array of social services across sectors such as Education, Employment & Training, Mental Health & Substance Use, Culture, and Primary Care. The objective of the YWH is to provide an integrated youth service site where all youth (12-25 years) are able to access the right service, at the right time, based on what the needs are.

Youth Outreach Worker Program

The role of YOW staff include creating positive opportunities for at-risk youth, helping youth prepare themselves to connect to support services like therapy, as well as being a support for families with respect to their youth. YOW staff are both Peer Supports and Cultural Liaisons, helping youth where they are in themselves, and connecting youth to culture and ceremony as ways to heal and understand themselves. The YOW Program serves youth between the ages of 12-25 years, and is delivered in KCA’s 9 member First Nation communities.

Binesii Waziswan – Youth Mental Wellness Service

The Binesii Wazisawan – Youth Mental Wellness Service is a step-down service for Treaty 3 area youth who are experiencing a psychiatric and/or substance abuse related crisis, and who have received acute stabilization at a medical facility. This residential program provides on-going assessment and observation, crisis intervention, and wrap-around bi-cultural services aimed at long-term healing and recovery. The 30-day program provides a voluntary service for young persons who wish to participate in programming that supports their continued stabilization and recovery from mental health crisis.

The Program is a two-bed community home for youth between 12 and 24 years of age. The program takes a strength-based approach and works toward fulfilling previously unmet developmental needs, balanced with learning the acceptance of simple structures, responsibilities and boundaries. The program offers psychological assessments, individual therapy, group treatment, life-skills training, sex education, victim/offender specific treatment, educational/vocational programming, recreational programming and, when possible, family involvement.

Support Services

Program Objectives:

  • Intake – completes intake screening as well as crisis intervention for new clients
  • Data management for electronic client records
  • Training/Workshops – ASIST, SafeTALK, Traditional Parenting, Setting Boundaries, Grief & Loss, Elder Abuse, Understanding Trauma, Suicide Prevention & Self-Harm, Conflict Resolution & Team Building, Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Intergenerational Trauma & Resilience, Healthy Relationships