Social Services

Min-O-Qwe-Ke-Ga-Bwe’in Social Services Initiative

The Min-O-Qwe-Ke-Ga-Bwe’in Social Services Initiative Program has been involved in Ontario Works service delivery since 1998. Since 2007, KCA MSSI program and 7 participating First Nation collectively deliver Ontario Works programming through a group delivery model of the full Ontario Works Program.

Each First Nation maintains their Ontario Works designation and delivers both Financial and Employment assistance service in their communities. While cooperating with the other member First Nations, they share additional centralized Ontario Works functions delivered through the KCA-MSSI program. The centralized functions consist of the following:

  • Eligibility Review Officer & Family Support Worker Services
  • Internal Program Reviews & Appeals
  • Policy Development, Budgets, Reporting & Statistics
  • Coordination of Program Meetings, Staff Development & Training
  • Technology Systems

Ontario Disability Support Program Services

Program Objectives:

  • Provide employment supports for those interested in working
  • Help in preparing for work, finding a job, keeping the job, assist employer to modify/adapt job duties, help move people to the next level in their career
  • Resume/cover letter writing; Employment planning; Assistive devices & training; Job coaching and workshops