Ogimaawabiitong (Kenora Chiefs Advisory), is very happy and excited to be able to share our documentary “The Journey Home”.

This documentary was filmed in Kenora, and in our member communities in the later part of 2021. We worked in collaboration with all our Chiefs, Elders, Youth, Knowledge Keepers and staff in order to make this vision a reality.

This documentary will explore the dark history First Nation people and communities have had to and continue to face. The documentary will explore the programming and services KCA offers, and how these programs and services are utilized. We focus on the system changes that need to happen, and what those changes look like so we can ensure we are stopping the inequities the First Nation communities continue to deal with to this day.

We would like to send a big Miigwetch everyone who made not only this documentary possible, but also work every single day to fight for equality and system change.
We would also like to take this time to recognize all our local partners including the All Nations Health Partners, and our Provincial and Federal Partners. We continue to work together to break the barriers in terms of our thinking, and finding creative and long-term solutions for health system change.

To the youth, elders and community members who were brave and came forward to share your stories during the filming process- our gratitude for you is endless. Without your bravery of stepping up, speaking out and sharing the stories that need to be told- we would not have the powerful final project that this documentary portrays.

Finally, Miigwetch to Zach Ramelan who flew to Kenora, and with a lot of hard work and dedication was able to film the entire documentary, and deliver us the most beautiful final product. Zach and the team at 5D capital who came forward to offer us this opportunity, we will forever be grateful for this chance and for capturing the heart of KCA, which is its community people.