Together in partnership, WNHAC and Kenora Chiefs Advisory hosted FASD Trailblazer; a walk and run to bring awareness to FASD.  

The event happened on Thursday, September 22 at Garrow Park and youth from the surrounding area were invited to participate.  

Children’s Health Promotion Coordinator, Jennifer Coulis, was one of the event organizers, “There were probably over 100 kids that came out, it was great!” 

“We had mocktails at our section. The reason we did mocktails was because it’s a really great way to make everyone feel included when you are at a gathering or something similar. We want to support moms who are pregnant or who are about to become pregnant – everyone wants to feel included with a fancy drink!”  

The three-kilometre walking path went around the Garrow Park Trails and back to the starting point at Garrow Beach. There were different informative stations and activities spread out along the path where students could stop to learn more about FASD and the effects of alcohol on a developing mind.  

Coulis went on to explain that WNHAC hosts a Trailblazer event every year, each year partnering with a different organization to have a different theme.