Kenora Chiefs Advisory was proud to recognize National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Friday, September 30th by hosting a day of education and reconciliation at the Youth and Family Wellness Camp (371 Strecker Road).  

The day began with the rising of the sun as staff and community members came together for a sunrise ceremony.  

As the morning continued, over 400 students, ranging in age from grade 1 to 8, from local schools came to the Camp to participate in the day. 

As the children gathered, guest speakers spoke of the importance of the day, which was then followed by a healing song from the KCA drummers.  

Students spent the day walking around the property and engaging in activities meant to spark conversations such as drumming, blanket exercises, and colouring/activity books.  

Hot chocolate was available throughout the day and for lunch, students were provided with soup and bannock.  

Serena Kenny, Operations Manager at the Youth and Family Wellness Camp, spoke about the day, “Today is National Truth and Reconciliation Day, also known as Orange Shirt Day. Today we are honouring and remembering residential school students, survivors, and the ones that never came home.” 

“We are coming together today to be together in a way that they weren’t able to.” 

She went on to explain why the children were invited, “We really wanted to have a day focused on the youth, the kids still in school, knowing that this age group that is here today were the ones that were taken from their homes and families.” 

“We really wanted them to be able to come here and feel free in a way that the residential school survivors, and the ones that never made it home, were never able to feel.”