Kenora Chiefs Advisory (KCA) recently received a $300,000 grant over three years (Sept 2022- Sept 2025) from The Lawson Foundation for a project called Diabetes and the Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings.

This project will provide opportunities for cross-generational knowledge sharing, learning and physical activities throughout the year at the KCA Youth and Family Wellness Camp.

With the support of KCA staff and Elders, this project will prepare youth and families to live a healthy lifestyle by sharing traditional knowledge, wisdom and learning ways to help prevent diabetes.

Activities include teachings (Creation Story, Clan System, Identity, Seasons), fishing, tracking/snaring, canoeing, preparing traditional foods (filleting, smoking), gathering medicines, drum/moccasin-making, beading, language games and storytelling.

The project will build relationships across generations and prepare youth and families to live a healthy lifestyle free of diabetes and ready to face the hurdles in pursuit of mino-bimaadiziwin (living the good life).

On August 24, Marcel Lauziere (Lawson CEO), Wynne Young (Chair, Board of Directors), and Jeff LaPlante (Program Director) of The Lawson Foundation came to Kenora to tour KCA sites, including the Youth and Family Wellness Camp. The representatives enjoyed a tour of the 327 acre property and learned about the programming the camp has to offer.

“We are grateful for the grant the Lawson Foundation has provided for our Diabetes and the Seven Grandfather Teachings project. This project will provide cross-generational knowledge sharing and land-based diabetes prevention activities to children, youth and families out at our KCA Youth and Family Wellness Camp,” said Jocelyne Goretzki, Director of Health Promotion and Prevention Services.