Ogimaawabiitong (Kenora Chiefs Advisory) held our 2021/2022 Annual General Meeting on Thursday, December 8th at the KCA Youth and Family Wellness Camp. The following report is a summary of the activities undertaken by the organization the throughout the fiscal year.

This report is intended to inform our membership about what KCA has been doing in order to be more responsive to the needs of and the issues within our member communities. The Board of Directors and the staff of KCA continue to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our communities and their members.

We thank our Board of Directors, Elders Council, Youth Council and staff for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Thanks to these dedicated individuals, we have continued to grow as an organization, expanding our service delivery and welcoming a host of new employees. Without all of you, Kenora Chiefs Advisory would not have grown into the organization that it is today.

Please find pictures from the day as well as a digital version of the 2021/2022 AGM report.