Ogimaawabiitong staff, drummers, and KCA’s Grandmother Drum joined in Wiigwas’ Spring Feast celebration on May 23, 2024.

Ogimaawabiitong would like to send a Miigwetch to the staff and leadership of Wiigwas Elder and Senior Care for including us in their Spring Feast on May 23, 2024.

Ogimaawabiitong (Kenora Chiefs Advisory) and Wiigwas staff joined together in celebration with residents for the annual Spring Feast, which takes place each year and signifies new beginnings and rebirth.

Elders Allan White, Andy White, Luanne Kavanaugh, and Merv Copenace performed opening ceremonies, with drummers and the KCA Grandmother Drum – Shawanoong Banaise’Seek.

Another Miigwetch to our Elders for their guidance and words during the ceremony, to our Cultural Team and our Singers, and to Wiigwas’ staff for the wonderful meal!