May 7th 2021
Kenora, ON
For immediate release

As announced tonight on Sportsnet’s Blue Jays Central, Jays Care Foundation, the charitable arm of the Toronto Blue Jays, will make infrastructure investments of over $1 million in 2021 to benefit Canadian children and youth through its Field of Dreams program.

Fourteen organizations across seven provinces will receive funding to build, enhance, and refurbish baseball diamonds where children and youth develop important life skills and learn from positive role models.

Jays Care has invested more than $15 million in safe spaces across all ten provinces and two territories in the last ten years.

“We are pleased to announce the funding that has been approved through Field of Dreams, and we are getting a ball field!”, said KCA Board President Chief Lorraine Cobiness. “It goes beyond just playing ball, it allows our children, our youth and our elders to come together and play. It allows our kids to connect with each other and provide supports, the things it has allowed our kids to experience besides just playing ball but the ability to go out and connect with kids across the country is truly amazing.”

The relationship formed between KCA and the Jays Care foundation is grounded in culture and traditions and forming a true partnership which has allowed this program to expand and grow within the 9 communities KCA is mandated to serve. The leadership of these communities has worked hard on the development and growth of the program since it was first taken on by KCA, and continue to work closely with the youth in community as this program develops.

The ball diamond will be developed on the Youth Camp property KCA purchased last year.

“After a remarkably difficult year, we hope that today’s announcement will provide something for families in these communities to celebrate and look forward to. We are pleased to help organizations across the country build exciting, new spaces for children and youth to reconnect once it is safe to do so,” said Robert Witchel, Executive Director, Jays Care Foundation. “With this year’s recipients spanning from the Maritimes to Alberta, we are excited to continue a legacy of investing in infrastructure to support children and youth across Canada.”

KCA plans to develop two more diamonds beyond this, to continue to grow and expand our Rookie League program.

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Senior Executive Assistant and Communications Lead, Kenora Chiefs Advisory